Friday, January 23, 2015


by Kenneth Buff



Skeletons, everyone has one, and in this collection of dark short stories they're scratching their way to the surface for the world to see. In Skeletons you'll meet a man who confesses his secret time traveling fetish, a cashier who investigates the eerie behavior of his retail co-workers, a torn lover who travels to her boyfriend's haunted retreat, a teenager who's town undergoes some unusual changes, and a father who's personal time is moving a little too fast.



Re-Tailoring You

Every day I die. It usually happens sometime between two and four PM. I’m awakened by the sound of my nametag sliding through the time clock, and then placed back into my grave the next day. It’s a sad, lonely existence, but it is my life.

See, I’m one of the unfortunate ones that didn’t go to college or join the military. I found a low paying job with equally low expectations. I got hired when I was 18 and I’ve been working here for over six years now. I work for a big box retailer called All-Mart, they have everything you need, or so they say. This slogan has caused me nothing but pain. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had customers say, “How can you not have Japanese Sushi Knives? You’re All-Mart, you have everything!” Working for the company for as many years as I have, I’ve been asked more than once to offer my interpretation of the ever-famous slogan, “We have everything you need.” Just last week I told a grown man I was speaking with that perhaps he didn’t actually need the Blu-ray and digital copy of Ma and Pa Kettle Season Three. His response was first shock, followed by disgust. He informed me he would never shop at All-Mart again. I was real shook up about it.
Our store is set up like Target or Walmart. Only our stores goal is to offer our customers the personal shopping experience that those other big box stores don’t. This of course doesn’t happen, which is why we have a lot of mandatory meetings. I usually stand lifelessly at these, barely hearing the words as their mumbled out of the mouth of our store manager, Dave Shoemaker.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
What did I think?
I think that this is a 5 stars book. Why?
Well, all starts with the first story, when I was reading it I was thinking, "Mmmm, interesting concept, very twisted, but I like it!" From there till the end, the book is a fantastic journey in to the dark, really dark mind of the author.
Each one of them are pure terror, mainly because they are setting on familiar places with each day situations, I felt related with one or two of them, and that scared me, a lot.
The stories are short, but the author was able to gave us so many details and situations thru his excellent narrative, it's excellent written.
This book is a Must Have!!!!

*I received a free copy in exchange for an Honest review*

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Kenneth Buff was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas. He moved to Stillwater, Oklahoma in 2007 to attend Oklahoma State University. He graduated in 2013. He currently spends his days working as an elementary special education teacher and his nights at Aspen Coffee, writing his next novel.

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  1. Thanks for hosting, Julia! I'm glad you liked Skeletons!

    I'll be checking the comments throughout the day for questions anyone may have, so feel free to ask, and if you're want to pick up a copy of Skeletons, the ebook is free today on Amazon until 11 PM.

    1. Thanks to you!!! I'm still thinking on your story "Re-Tailoring You" Is it based on a true story? I worked on a place like that and sometimes I felt like a robot/alien.

    2. It definitely is. I worked 6 years at Walmart, so "Re-Tailoring You" is kind of my swan song to that place. There were good times as well as bad, but the story paints a pretty good picture of what a usual shift was like...minus all the blood of course.

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    1. Pick up your copy, the ebook is free today!!

  3. I just grab my copy!!! I'm very excited, this book sounds good!! Thank you

  4. nice start to the review challenge!

    1. A five stars book, who can ask for more? I highly recommend this book, Sophie!

  5. I liked the excerpt, thanks for the giveaway!

    1. Pick up your copy, the ebook is free today!! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Awesome book!!! Questions for the author: Why short stories? Are you a religious person?