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Title: Eleven Weeks
Series: Crazy in Love #2
Author: Lauren K. McKellar
Genre: Contemporary Romance (New Adult)
Release Date:  January 28, 2015


Eleven weeks.

Seven tequila shots.

Five siblings.

Two boys.

One heartbeat.


Stacey is good at pretending.

She pretends that the boy she's in love with doesn't exist.

She pretends that she's happy to live and die in this small town.

She pretends that her life is carefree while her best friend's world crumbles before her very eyes.

But Stacey's got a secret ...

And it's going to ruin everything.



#2 Eleven Weeks

#1 The Problem With Crazy


Excerpt #1
I wake to the sound of a drill-saw attempting to channel through a concrete pylon right next to my head.
“Why?” I grunt. Only it sounds more like “uggghhh”, even to my ears. Apparently being woken by drill-saw seriously impedes my ability to form words. I reach my hand out and slam something in front of me, presumably the drill-saw, most likely a clock radio. Regardless, the action makes the noise stop, thank hell.
Ugh. While the blast of noise has stopped, there’s still a ringing in my head of dizzy-making proportions. Not to mention that my tongue tastes like I’ve been eating road-kill. Yuck.
I squint one eye open and then scrunch my lid shut immediately as protection from the harsh yellow light coming in through the window framed by black-flowered curtains. What fresh hell is this? Who has opened my—
I don’t have black-flowered curtains.
I inch open my lid at snail’s pace, this time preparing myself for the assault of light from the left of the room. Yep. Black floral curtains still there.
I open my eyes wider and take in more of the room in front of me. Aside from the window, there’s a black bedside table with a digital clock on the top of it, right next to a red lamp. The floor is covered in a shaggy-looking cream carpet, a black skirt and red lacy bra lying on top of it.
Oh, no. Please, please no …
I slowly raise the white sheet from my body. Yep, exactly as I’d suspected.
My black skirt and red bra.
This, of course, leaves only one question. But do I really want to look? Can I?
I rack my brain, trying to put together the pieces of the night before. There was the party at Joe’s. I’d gone there with Kate, because Dave and the band were playing. Michael. I saw Michael. Tequila. Lots of tequila.
I glanced down at my hand. Seven little lipstick lines mar its surface. One for each shot. At least I can remember that.
But how the hell did I get here? And, more importantly, where is here?

Excerpt #2 

We walk into the lounge room, and it really is like walking into a house for the mourning. The heavy curtains are pulled shut, casting the room in shadow. Someone—presumably Deb—has lit an incense candle, so the heady scent of lavender fills the room. It creeps down my throat, choking me, and I stop, swallow, and try to take shallow breaths. Now is not the time to throw up.
On the couch is Kate. Scrunched up balls of tissue surround her, a pile of them on the floor, and a beige-coloured blanket covers her from the waist down. Her eyes are open, and she’s staring straight ahead, but she doesn’t make any move to signal she knows I’m in the room.
It’s the single saddest thing I’ve ever seen.
I tiptoe over to her side, clear a space in the tissue debris and sit cross-legged on the floor next to her. “Kate?”
Nothing. Her eyes look straight past me, straight through me, to something I can’t see.
My best friend is gone.
And I don’t know if she’s coming back.


Lauren K. McKellar is an author and editor. Her debut novel, Finding Home, was released through Escape Publishing on October 1, 2013, and her second release, NA Contemporary Romance The Problem With Crazy, is self-published, and is available now. She loves books that evoke emotion, and hope hers make you feel.
Lauren lives by the beach in Australia with her husband and their two dogs. Most of the time, all three of them are well behaved.


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