Thursday, January 15, 2015

2015 Dreaming of Books GIVEAWAY HOP

Well, this is my first Giveaway Hop, I'm really excited and that's why I want to share with three lucky winners Michele Callahan's "Silver Storm - Timewalker Chronicles 2" ebook!
This is a Science Fiction/Time Traveler/Paranormal Romance book, and is a really GOOD one, and you know what?? You can find Book 1 for *FREE* HERE!!


On a hot summer night twenty-five years ago a freak lightning bolt struck Sarah St. Pierre on Lake Michigan. Presumed dead, her body was never found. She simply…vanished. 
Timothy Daniel Tucker retired, but the group of people he once worked for aren’t willing to give him up so easily. They watch him, waiting for him to crack, waiting for an excuse to bring him back in to finish what he started. 
When Tim finds a beautiful woman floating in Hendrick’s Lake, he suspects a trap. She claims to be the same woman who disappeared over two decades ago, but she hasn’t aged a day. Worse, she knows intimate details about his covert work on a weapon that could destroy all of humanity. Trust is impossible, but Tim will not stop until he discovers all of her secrets, until he uncovers the truth. 
Hunted by an unseen enemy, Sarah claims to see things no one else can see, to know things about the future that no one could possibly know. And she has a frightening power no human should wield. Falling in love is an unacceptable risk but Tim can’t walk away from her visions, her power, or the fierce desire she ignites within him. Predator or prey? Truth or lies? Love or duty? Decisions must be made. Millions of lives hang in the balance…and the clock is ticking.


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  1. Sounds good! Thanks for the chance

  2. I like romance, mystery, and thrillers!

  3. Science fiction and fantasy are my favorite genres.

  4. My favorite genre is Paranormals.

  5. Love them all but paranormal, scifi, medical thrillers, etc.

  6. Fantasy is still my favorite genre - though I specifically love fantasy novels with unusual settings. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

    1. Thanks to you, for stopping by!!! Good Luck!!

  7. Fantasy. I'm such a sucker for a good quest.

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    1. When I signed up for email and hit enter, it said page not found.

    2. Thank You!! You're the only person that mention that. And is true, doesn't work!!

  9. mystery, science fiction, thriller, etc... love them all