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Weeping Women Springs
by Tamara Eaton


GENRE: Historical Women's Fiction



Tears of grief dilute magical Spring waters…

Hope Springs has a secret–the waters mysteriously uplift the spirits of whoever drinks them. When the town’s young men depart to fight in WWII, tragedy strikes. Grief dilutes the waters unique effects, and hiding the village away from the world may provide shelter from the pain—but at what cost? Preoccupied with honoring their loved ones’ memories, five shattered women struggle to gather strength to overcome their loss, and find hope again.



The door at the end of the gym burst open and little Eddie Frolander ran inside. “The Japs bombed Pearl Harbor!” he shouted. “Melvin’s dad heard it on his radio.”

Everything went silent, all but the bouncing ball echoing through the gymnasium. The players surrounded Eddie and everyone began talking at once.

“Where’s Pearl Harbor?” Maxine asked me.

“I don’t know,” I answered. We climbed down the bleachers to join the players.

Nine-year-old Eddie’s words tripped over one another. “I dunno any details, but Mr. Bracht said to tell everyone. He said we might be at war and spread the word.”

“War.” The word was murmured repeatedly through the crowd.

“Pearl Harbor is in Hawaya. The president said they bombed the navy base there.” Eddie’s dark hair fell over his eyes.

Maxine rushed over to Billy and he threw a sweaty arm around her shoulders. At that moment, I longed for a shoulder to lean on too.

Donnie Frolander, Eddie’s older brother, sidled up to me. “If we’ve been attacked, what will it mean?”

“Surely the president will tell us what to do.” I said. “President Roosevelt has seen us through a lot already.”

“Maybe we ought to head over to Mr. Bracht’s house,” Billy suggested.

“The Council was mad when Mr. Bracht bought a battery radio last year,” Donnie said. “But maybe this is a good reason to have a radio in town. Imagine if we didn’t find out until Tuesday when Tularosa comes to play the game. Boy, would we look dumb.”


Weeping Women SpringsWeeping Women Springs by Tamara Eaton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Weeping Women Springs is the emotional journey of five different characters that share the same tragedy, the lost of a love one.
This past weekend was cloudy and rainy, the perfect ambiance for reading and specially for this book, I don't want to give too much info, but I want to add to the blurb and excerpt this: You're going to CRY, yes, the plot is full of emotions, this was a personal type of reading because I also lost one close relative so I could find a little of myself in each one of the women of the story. Excellent written, with complex characters, emotional situations and a really interesting storyline makes this book unique.
Highly Recommended.
*I received a Free Copy in exchange for an Honest Review*

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AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Tamara Eaton is a "western woman." She divides her time between Nevada, New Mexico and South Dakota where she and her love spend their summers renovating an old school. Wide open spaces of the desert and prairie are often portrayed in her work.

A former secondary English teacher, she grabbed the opportunity to create her stories after she left the classroom. When not writing, she works with other writers, editing and polishing their stories and poems.

Weeping Women Springs is her first full length novel.


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    1. Mai T. When I wrote this book (my first) I just had an idea and let it take me where it would. Now I usually have a VERY loose outline so I generally know what will happen, but the characters always direct my story and once they show up anything can happen.

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