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One Night in Amsterdam
by Jaz Hartfield


Chloe organizes Jo’s hen weekend in Amsterdam, glad to get away from the usual boring or married men that she sleeps with. Perhaps she’ll meet some cool guys up for a bit of fun. If not, at least she’ll make sure her best friend gets very drunk while they all party in style. 
Dean is getting married to Tamsin, but having serious doubts. His mates take him to Amsterdam for one last weekend of debauchery before settling down for the rest of his life. But is Tamsin the right woman for him? 

When Chloe and Dean meet in Amsterdam’s red-light district, they are immediately attracted to each other. Dean tries to justify one last fling before marrying Tamsin. Chloe feels bad about having sex with someone else’s intended. Yet, a night of amazing sex is exactly what both of them want. So, why shouldn’t they just enjoy one night of fantastic, guilt-free sex?



 “You sound like fifteen year old schoolgirls,” Glynis said with a sniff. “Perhaps we should ask Joanna what she’d like to do. After all, it’s her weekend.”

“Oh God, who brought Miss Boring along?” Di groaned.

“Oi! That’s my sister. You watch your big gob—”

“Girls! Stop it.” Chloe stood between them all as the self-appointed mediator. “Let’s not get bitchy before the weekend has even begun. Maybe Glynis is right.” She turned to Di with a warning look.

“Whatever,’ said Di with a tone of resignation.

 “You tell ‘em, sis,” Glynis said, as all eyes turned to the bride-to-be.

Jo studied each of them in turn, cranking up the anticipation. She tapped her lips in deep thought, and opened them as if to speak and then stopped. The others leaned in slightly to catch her words.

“I think we should...” Jo moved over to the double bed and sat down next to Ushma.

 “That seems that, well, Glynis has a point about being responsible and staying in control...”

Glynis smirked and leaned smugly back against the wardrobe.

“But on the other hand,” Jo continued, “we’re in Amsterdam – city of debauchery – on my hen weekend. So I say we go out on the lash, get completely hammered, watch beautiful men ripping off their underwear and go and flirt with some horny guys.”

“Woohoo!” Chloe and Di screamed, rushing over towards Jo. Ushma joined them in a group hug.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Well, I'm not used to read this type of book, I mean, I've read erotic and short stories with sexual content, but when I grabbed my Kindle and I started the first chapter, my  reaction was "Oh My Lordy!" I felt like the Church Lady

I'm glad that I left my prune feelings aside and carry on with the reading. So, as the pages advanced, the temperature in the room raised to the max, and I found myself saying like Britney:

Of course, the story is too short, you're left wanting more, but overall is a really quick, fun and sexy read, if you're in some remote and cold part of the world or just wanting a good warm feeling, grab a copy! You're not going to regret it.
WARNING Book full of explicit sex, with young, healthy and really horny characters, and a little of romance (That's the only "Little" you'll find there Wink~Wink)

*I received a Free copy in exchange for an Honest review*


AUTHOR Bio and Links

Jaz Hartfield is a writer and actor who loves travelling. He’s always looking for his next thrill, having tried bungee-jumping, parachuting, white-water rafting, pot-holing and deep sea diving.

Jaz has lived in many different places; his favourite parts of the world include New Zealand, Kenya, Ireland, and the Lake District in England.
Having been on a stag weekend in Amsterdam, Jaz is unwilling to admit whether ‘One Night in Amsterdam’ has elements of the truth in it or not.

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