Thursday, September 10, 2015


by Polly Becks


GENRE:  Romance/Mystery/Thriller



In the late spring of 1991, a flood and fire of historic proportions tore through the pretty resort town of Obergrande, New York, in the central region of the Adirondack mountains.

The twin disasters destroyed a large part of the east side of the town that bordered the Hudson River and Lake Obergrande.

In the aftermath, a new dam was built, and that damaged part of the town “drowned,” covered by the new, larger lake.

During that terrible flood, five kindergarten girls were trapped in their drowning school, huddled together as the water rose higher, rescued just in the nick of time. The nightmare bonded them, and three others like them, to each other for life.

These are their stories.


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From the 3rd book in the series: Tuesday's Child: Full of Grace

For the fourth time already that morning, a polite but urgent knock sounded on the inner door of Grace Fuller’s small office, deep in the central hallway of the Obergrande Community Church.

Grace, a petite young woman with ivory skin and cinnamon-brown hair styled in a neat, chin-length bob, rolled her eyes and sighed deeply.
“Yes, Dad?”
The door opened partway, and Reverend Benjamin Fuller, the pastor of the church, popped his head in, a sheepish expression on his face.
“Er, Gracie, I’m sorry to bother you yet again, but I was hoping you might take this next client. And thanks for all the others you’ve been gracious enough to help me with this morning.”
Grace sighed again. “Dad, I have my own appointment schedule today, and it’s full.” A nervous expression came over her face. “Are you not feeling well?”
The pastor cleared his throat.
“I’m fine, honey. I, well, I just thought this lady’s counseling needs might be better served by your talents.”
Grace sat back in her chair and crossed her hands over her stomach.
“Oh, really? I believe that you and I have done the same coursework and had the same training in the pastoral counseling areas in the course of being ordained, Dad. And you’ve been doing it a heck of a lot longer. What makes you think my ‘talents’ would be more useful for her than your own?”
Behind his glasses, Pastor Fuller’s face went red to the roots of his gray hair.
“Er, well, she says she has issues in the bedroom—and questions about them.”
Grace snickered in spite of herself. “And? So what?”
“Come on, Grace, don’t make me beg.”
Grace threw her hands up in exasperation.
“Dad, you’ve been married for thirty-one years. I would like to go on record as assuring you that I have never had ‘bedroom issues’ because no man has ever actually broached the sanctity of my bedroom—pretty pathetic, given that I live with my parents and I’m turning twenty-eight next week.”
“All right,” Grace conceded, noting that her father looked much more upset than she would have ever imagined, and not wanting him to stay in that state. His recent heart attack had been a minor one, but worrisome enough for her to have given up her youth pastor position in Pennsylvania to come and help him out in Obergrande, where he had been pastor of the Community Church for thirty years.

She watched as her father smiled in relief and left the room via the interior door.


My rating: 5 of 5 stars
This is not an ordinary book.
There are so many ups and downs, tears, laughter, hatred, love, friendship, etc.
No Ordinary Day it's a clean read, beautiful written, with great dialogues, some mystery, extreme situations involving the force of mother nature and amazing characters. Lucy and Axel have an instalove type of relationship, and it's delightful, both are complex character with a hard past, they meet and fell in love in the middle of a catastrophe, and I fell in love with them too.
The best part? This book is free on Amazon!! So go and grab your copy!!
Highly Recommended for all type of readers!!!

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Polly Becks has been making her living writing for more than twenty years, as well as working as an editor, curriculum developer, and teaching secondary-school Spanish. She has more than 350 books to her credit, mostly educational materials, as well as professionally published fiction in both the adult and YA market in a variety of genres, plus more than 30 Children’s books. She is excited about exploring the digital literature frontier and is honored to be the launch series for GMLTJoseph, LLC. - See more at:

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  1. Thank you for your kind review and for hosting the tour! Looking forward to hanging with your readers. All the best, Polly Becks

    1. Hi Polly. Thank you for letting me be part of your Blog Tour, No Ordinary Day is amazing!! Congrats on your Release Day!!

    2. Thank you so much, Julia! I'm so glad you liked No Ordinary Day--Happy weekend. I hope you are reading! Polly

  2. Is the story based in a true event?

  3. Hi there--yes, and not exactly. From the late 1800s to around 1960, many towns near rivers and lakes, especially in the Adirondacks but all over the US, were intentionally "drowned" to help control the levels of big rivers and waterways. As a teenager, I was always haunted by the story of one of them near my home, and I would sit on the old dam and imagine the town that was underneath the lake. The drownings were often controversial, like in the fictional town of Obergrande, but I don't have any proof that what happened there ever actually happened. Obergrande, by the way, while fictional, is historically accurate and could exist where I say it does. :-) Thanks for asking, and have anice weekend. Polly