Friday, January 15, 2016


Dead in Dubai
by Marilynn Larew


GENRE: Thriller



Why is CIA officer George Branson dead in Dubai? It looks like straight detective work, finding out what George has been up to and why he’s dead, but when former CIA analyst Lee Carruthers arrives in Dubai, she walks into a deadly war between two rival Merchants of Death vying for market share. She learns that George has worked for each man under a different name. With his own, that gives George three identities. Which man is dead? Has George really been working for the Agency, or has he sold out and, if so, to whom? Who are the men following her? And why does she keep finding diamonds?



The café on the first floor of the Luxe charged a king’s ransom for a hamburger and fries.

“It’s a good thing you’re getting paid in diamonds,” Fred said.

After lunch we strolled in the mall. Natalie’s travel agency was still closed, but workmen were putting in a new window. We decided we might as well walk on their beach while we could use it for free. We strolled to the waterline, past the tourists rubbing sunscreen on each other, past the lovers walking hand-in-hand, past the children building castles in the sand, the afternoon sun casting small shadows in front of us.

I looked up at the sound of a small plane, a private jet climbing west into the sun. It was a pretty little thing with a nose like an insect. I stopped to look at it, and as I watched, the little insect exploded into a ball of flame, and debris twinkled down into the Gulf like fragments of a spent firework.

Fred and I looked at each other, and instinctively I moved closer to him. He put his arm around me, and I put my face into his shoulder, shuddering. Sunbathers rushed to the water’s edge, the women screaming and picking up their children.

“I’ve seen a plane like that before, Lee,” he said. “It’s a Gulfstream. Natalie Malyakov owns a Gulfstream.”

Before all the debris had finished hitting the water, the beach was filled with people who had come from everywhere to stand and gawk. Disgusted, I turned away.

“Come on, Fred, let’s go,” I said.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Marilynn Larew has had a lot of variety in her life. She lived in six states and two foreign countries before settling down in southern Pennsylvania. She went to twelve schools before she graduated from high school and two more before she finished her PhD in history. Moving around so much, she found the public library a refuge and her library card a magic carpet to foreign lands. She taught for some years in the University System of Maryland, courses such as US history, architectural history, the history of terrorism, and Vietnamese military history. She also worked in historic preservation and wrote two books of local history about Bel Air, the county seat of Harford County in Maryland.

She writes what she likes to read – thrillers that are located in foreign countries. She likes to collect cookbooks on foreign cuisines and often cooks from them.

She’s married, with two children, two grandchildren, and a new great granddaughter. She lives with her husband on the Mason-Dixon line in southern Pennsylvania in a two hundred-year-old brick farmhouse.

She’s a member of the Sisters in Crime, the Guppies, and the Chinese Military History Society.


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