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Christmas Collection
by Stephanie Burkhart



Seven complete sweet to sensual romances from seven multi-talented authors in settings that are sure to be magical this holiday season. There's a story for everyone.


Caroline Ross, a Confederate widow, desperately seeks medical help for her little son in the Union Army camp.

John Oldham, a soldier disowned by his family for choosing the wrong side, comes to her aid. As they keep a vigil for days at Danny's bedside, a close relationship develops between them. John longs for a family and wants to make Caroline and Danny his own.

Will his wish come true in this season of miracles?

AT FIRST SNOWFALL by Cecilia Corona

May all your dreams come true, takes on a whole new meaning when Xiomara finds out she's an Oracle with Fae witch powers, and her boyfriend is a werewolf from another realm.

When her half- brother shows up on her doorstep with his prophecy, the true nightmare begins. She must stand beside him in the battle of Galant or the evil Queen will destroy the kingdom.

Some faerytales are all too real, but if she can unleash her powers and learn to control them before the first snowfall, she just might find her happily ever after.

MR. CHRISTMAS ELF by Stephanie Burkhart

Jules' Christmas list is looking pretty pathetic. She needs a new muffler for her car and a hundred dollars to pay off her root canal. Her niece is asking for an iPad, but all Jules can afford is a Barbie doll. The peppermint on the top? Her boyfriend dumps her in a text message.

Jules could use a little Christmas magic, so when Elvis pops up claiming that he was sent by Santa to fill her Christmas list, all she has to do is believe – in the magic the season has to offer.


The wait is finally over. Today is Theodore Lewis' 18th birthday and his essence has switched places with his soulmate for the day. His people have practiced this tradition for centuries. They are granted the chance to see the world through each other's eyes before actually meeting.

Only the Fates may have missed their mark. Theo's life is in 1940 and his soulmate is in 2014. This couldn't be happening. Is he doomed to never be with his soulmate, or will the Fates find a way to make this right?

CHRISTMAS TEARS by Rebecca J. Vickery

What's a widowed mother to do with two children to provide for and Christmas coming soon? Noelle Welborn is in dire straits when she loses her job, is cheated out of her pay, and has no relatives to which she can turn. Then they lose the roof over their heads. Sleeping in the car seems the only option left.

Officer Nick Stewart stops when he spies a familiar looking car parked in a church parking lot late one night. Sure enough, she's the same pixie-faced woman he warned before. When he discovers she has kids asleep in the car, he insists she park in his yard or go to the police station with him.

But what about the next night, and the next?

ROOM AT THE INN by Nan O'Berry

Welcome to Magic Hallow, Pennsylvania. On the day before Christmas Eve, Helena McCray finds herself driving from New York to Washington, D.C. with a car load of Felicity Adams designs. She wasn't expecting the storm of the century to send her car careening off the road. Rescued by James Buchannan, she is taken to a grand old Victorian he has been fixing up as a bed and breakfast.

Gift of the Magi has been handed down in James Buchannan's family since his great, great, grandfather brought his Russian bride home from Europe. But the Magi is a secret place where James can hide from the world. Helena McCray slowly melts his heart and together they find out the magic of the inn could be in opening their hearts to a new beginning.

BLAME THE MISTLETOE by Markee Anderson

Do you believe in love at first sight? Or love after a kiss under the mistletoe? Neither did Tasha or Cal...

Tasha Adams owns a bakery and catering shop after losing her nursing career. Lack of confidence and low self-esteem make her an almost hermit, especially during the holidays.

Calvin Miller, busy doctor and bachelor, receives a sudden and unexpected visit from his young niece and nephew for the holidays. There go his work plans.

Then a fateful collision on a staircase changes all their lives.




"Adelaide, you are just going to have to trust Prince Jayce," Mauricio interjected. "We don't have time to talk this one over. On the first day of the snowfall, Prince Jayce saw Xiomara in the midst of the chaos, which now we know is the day the Daemons are unleashed," Mauricio continued.

"When do you expect the first snowfall?" Mara asked. "Will we have enough time to get an army together to fight these things?"

"We have a week," Jayce said. "Unlike the human realm, weather is predictable here."

"My birthday..." she murmured before she looked at them, each in turn. "Chaos would be unleashed on my birthday? Christmas!" Mara shook her head as if she couldn't take anymore. "I don't want to hear this. Not yet... not now... Just...just stop talking about me and what I need to do." She started ahead of them as if she wanted to be as far away from them as possible. 


2014 Christmas Collection2014 Christmas Collection by VTP Anthologies
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a unique Christmas Collection, each one of the stories are great! They Are short but excellent written, a couple of them made me feel like I was watching a Hallmark movie, MY favorite is "At First Snowfall" by Cecilia Corona, is adorable!! Love the characters and the fairy/paranormal world that she created.
Overall, every story are original, clean, sweet, romantic, cute, sexy, etc. Not your average Christmas stories.
Highly Recommended!!

*I received a copy in exchange of an Honest review*

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  1. Enjoyed reading your review today. This sounds like a very good collections of stories. Most of the authors are new-to-me so I consider this an excellent way to get acquainted with them and their work.

    1. Hi Karen, this is a excellent anthology, they were new to me too (I'm stalking them now, lol) Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. Thanks for having us on today. I hope everyone enjoys the blurbs and will take time to check out the book. It was a pleasure writing Room at the Inn.


    1. Hi Nan!! It was a pleasure reading your story, I fell in love with James before than Helena! Beautiful! Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Oh what a wonderful thing to come home to. Thanks so much, Julia. James Buchannan was a great hero. I wish we had more of him in real life.

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